Eucalyptus Chest Rub For Asthma

Eucalyptus has anti-inflammatory, expectorant effects. It may also help open the airways by relaxing the encircling muscles. One study found that a special preparation taken internally eased asthma symptoms and reduced the need for medications.

However, it is not safe to take eucalyptus essential oil by mouth. Plant essential oils are highly concentrated. Many are toxic when taken internally.

What You Need

  • 1 tablespoon (15ml) unscented lotion, olive oil, or (15g) petroleum jelly
  • 2 drops eucalyptus essential oil

Preparation And Use

1Blend the lotion and essential oil in a small, clean jar.

2Rub the mixture onto your chest: Start with a small amount to see how you respond to eucalyptus.

3Inhale deeply as you work – You’re drawing some of those aromatic, medicinal oils into your lungs.

4Wash your hands thoroughly before touching your eyes, nose, or other sensitive mucous membranes.

5If you have any remaining rub, store it in the jar and cap tightly.


1 Rub

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