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Tongue Scraping For Bad Breath

Tongue Scraping For Bad Breath
Close-up Of A Woman Cleaning Her Tongue With Cleaner

The coating on the tongue contains some mixture of dead tongue cells, bacteria, and fungi that become trapped between the small projections (papillae) on the tongue’s surface. Daily tongue scraping and brushing decreases this material carpeting the tongue and improves mouth odor.

Although you can use a toothbrush, a tongue scraper works better. You can buy one at most pharmacies. In a pinch, use a spoon.

What You Need

  • Tongue scraper or spoon

Preparation And Use

1Each morning, gently scrape your tongue.

2It helps to hold the tip of the tongue with a piece of gauze or a clean cloth so that you can pull it forward to better clean the back of the tongue (and reduce the chance of stimulating your gag reflex).


1 Session Every Morning


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